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Burning iso directly off the web

Taken from
mkfifo KNOPPIX.fifo # mkfifo create a fifo-file
screen ftp mirror ....# screen creates multiple shells in one terminal (handy!) ftp connect to your mirror
get KNOPPIX-3.10-EN.iso KNOPPIX.fifo #command to copy inside your ftp-session
C-a C-c # screen will make a new shell
cdrecord dev=(your burner) speed=4 KNOPPIX.fifo # ftp starts to get data when cdrecord starts to read from fifo
wait; exit; rm KNOPPIX.fifo; exit

(Attention, use “cdrecord -scanbus” before cdrecord to find the correct device of your cd-writer. If you own SCSI hds, you could lose all data of one hd when you use cdrecord with a wrong dev=(controller,id,partiton) !)


This works well and is much simpler: wget -O - URL_OF_IMAGE | cdrecord -v speed=4 -eject -