Tears she held back

As we get ready to board the bus,
she comes to bid us farewell,
but the tears she holds back I can see.
How she wishes we could stay and not leave.
How she wishes we could have another moment together.
People frequently come and go,
so many passersby.
Who will love her?
Who will love her home?
Are we another group that comes and goes,
or will we be one that will be committed?
One that will be committed to a partnership so deep,
that it will bring forth fruit,
fruit that will last?


A note I wrote from 9 April 2012:

With a density greater than that of the human body, it is impossible for a person to be killed by quicksand. However, the way to get out of its trapping is sometimes counterintuitive. I think there are some analogies with temptation. As children of God, with wisdom and the Holy Spirit, we know that temptation has no (final) hold over us, and is incapable in itself to cause death. However, just like quicksand, its suction force gives it the potential to be an accomplice in murder. Toying with, or struggling with temptation is oftentimes natural, but that just strengthens the grip that it has on us.

Just like how explorers have placed warning signs in places of quicksand, the Bible and people around us forewarn us of situations of impending danger. It is foolish not to heed such warnings.

There is a sentence that I’ve found worthy of quoting: The devil tempts all other men, but that idle men tempt the devil.

From the time I received my letter of offer from Accellion, I went into cruise mode, as though I was on ecstasy, and didn’t schedule things in the upcoming (last) week, as I did previously. It was possibly the lowest week for this year. With nothing on my calendar, I had plenty of idle time, a devil’s playground. I yielded and sinned against my own body.

10 years ago on Easter, a drama scene depicting Jesus’ struggle in Hades pierced my heart and I turned away from suicide and never contemplated it again. The price he paid and the realization that this life doesn’t belong to me made me see the unfairness of giving up on myself.

This year I make the same choice again, to walk from death into life. This time, in preparation to enter society and work and get married, I choose the fullness of life. Abundant life. Just the way it is written about in the Bible, and the way I see it lived out by the many who have gone before. I choose to seize every day, for the satisfaction that that day was lived for God. Not just a good life, but a great life.







这些年跟中国培养的感情,去年十一月21日终于上了一个台阶。老子说:千里之行,始于足下。在中国安家的第一步,就是立足。在这里生活,这段时间,每天知道我在中国,都会让我开心起来 :-)





接下去,我打算开始一个新的系列,以“为什么”开始来更好地了解我自己,以及让我梳理我的思路。如果你想更好在某个方面更好地认识我,或者有个问题要我回答,欢迎在在我的博客留言或者给我发邮件 :-)