The Best Investment

Every day, we have 24 hours given to us to choose how we want to live the day. Some days, we may be on a mission. Other days, questions about our existence may run through our head. An investor always looks for the investment that gives the best ROI. This ROI is not necessarily financial, possibly including emotional paybacks such as personal satisfaction, or gratification from doing something good.

Every morning, we wake up with a set of resources available to us. Our time, our money, our energy; and a whole host of things that place a demand on our time—work, family, friends, personal problems, etc. Bills to be paid, fires to be put out. Yet the urgent always seems to draw attention away from the truly important.

Over the first month of my first proper job, I’ve seen how easy it is to get consumed in one’s work, especially when it’s something that one enjoys. That’s not to say that work is evil. Rather, there are usually more important things to be done.

I haven’t heard of anyone who on his deathbed wished that he had worked harder, earned more money, or spent more time at work. Usually it’s about spending more time with family, or done something more meaningful.

This year, I choose to live the best I can. By that, I will give myself to the people around me, especially those who mean the most to me, and those to whom I’m called. We are relational beings and it is core to our reason for existence. I will strive to spend more time with people and less time hiding behind the screen, and I will strive to leave a smile on everyone I come in contact with.

Have you considered what is the best investment of YOUR time, energy, and resources? What kind of life will you look back on with no regrets at all?

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