The Search for a Host Family

Update 10 Nov: All my visa pre-approval documents have been approved, and will be in Beijing before the end of the month.

Update 30 Oct: I expect to be in Beijing late November and am now actively seeking a host family.

In a few weeks time, I expect to start work in Beijing. While my natural tendency was to rent an apartment by myself, my brother suggested that I look for a host family to live with instead. The rationale for this is twofold—it will give me more exposure to building trans-generational relationships, and give me an idea of what to look for in my future family.

This blog post serves two purposes: The primary purpose is for me to sort out my thoughts on what I’m looking for in a host family, and the secondary purpose is for potential host families to find out about me. If you’re a family in Beijing looking to host someone, I would like to invite you to find out more about me here and on the rest of my blog. The company that I will be working for is a tech company located in Tsinghua Science Park (清华科技园), and in case you’re wondering, I turn 26 at the end of this year. Please note that such an arrangement is subject to my work visa being approved, of which the result should be out in about two weeks (Sep 19).

Before I continue, I would like to stress that I’m not looking for a pure room and board, but a family that I can be a part of for at least one year. I hope that I’ll be able to join in with family breakfasts and dinners (pending my work schedule), and perhaps chill out together about two Saturdays a month. I am considering traveling to neighboring provinces once a month. With English as my first language, I am happy to give you English classes once or twice a week. Apart from technology, I am also interested in how people learn language and use it as a tool for communication. Whenever I have the chance, I also enjoy a game of archery and tennis, though I must admit that my swing isn’t fantastic. I neither smoke nor drink, and do not expect that you do.

Ideally, you are a couple in your forties or fifties, and have at least one child born before 2006. You’re looking for someone to be a part of your household, to make your home a livelier place, to be a friend to your child(ren), and are not financially driven to rent a room out. It is not important that you have a very strong command of English, as my Chinese standard is sufficient for most purposes. Though not a necessity, it would be awesome if you live within 15 minutes of Tsinghua Science Park, my future workplace.

If you’re open to this idea and think we’re a suitable match, please email me. We can then arrange to meet on Skype to get to know one another better, and meet in person when I get to Beijing, before making final decisions.