Test of Patience

It’s nearing four months since I returned to Singapore, yet interviews have been few and I haven’t got work yet. Sometimes I question myself, whether I think too highly of myself. Most of the positions I have been looking at require experience more than qualifications, which sometimes leads me to question the usefulness of my four years of studies at the ANU.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet up with a fellow ANU graduate and senior from high school over coffee. He shared with me of how he spent seven months looking for work, and how the position that he got wasn’t one he applied for. He empathized with feelings of despair when others with lesser qualifications are holding better positions. And he encouraged me to entrust my career to God. Isn’t that a wonderful instance of learning to trust God with my life?

The road ahead is still uncertain, and at times frustrating when I can’t stay with my parents. Bringing to mind more tragic stories like that of 《红莓花儿开》 makes me realize that I’m still pretty blessed to be able to spend so much time here though it is not on a stable basis. Truly there is only one way forward and it cannot be walked without faith.

Love of Two Fathers in the Little Things

Just upgraded to WordPress 3.2. I never really paid attention to upgrades but this one caught my attention with the different UI. Feels old style typing in a fixed width font that looks like Monaco after typing with variable width for so long. Let’s see how it goes.

Today I would like to share a tale of how my two fathers showed me love. I try my best to go jogging with my dad in the evening whenever I am in town, before I get work which may prohibit me from doing that due to working hours and/or tiredness. I now understand the value of financial independence and how it truly allows you to choose the work that matters the most to you.

So, as is my custom, I went jogging with my dad in the evening. However on the way, I got hungry and realize that I had no cash with me, which means that I couldn’t buy a snack on the way back. We continued on our jog, and amazingly my dad spots a $1 coin on the road back. That was just enough to buy one plain prata for 80¢ at the shop opposite my house. My dad shared with me how he used to cook simple canned food with egg in his secondary school days, and it was lovely to experience a touch of his love.

I’m also thankful to my father in heaven for providing for me. Small as the matter seems, he provided for me right at my time of need. Indeed God may not be early, but he is never ever late. Just as no sparrow falls to the ground apart from God’s will and he does not forsake the righteous, he cares not just in the big things but also in the little things.

So blessed to have two loving fathers :)