Temptations Behold

Truth is that sometimes I do waver at my decision to work at Radical Coaching. I recently found out that one of my closer friends from university just got a new job paying 45-60k which translates into 3.5-5k a month. And the AUD is currently stronger than the USD too.

In times like this it really takes faith to believe that there is a reason that I am here in Ho Chi Minh City getting ~$400/month with a seemingly insurmountable multi-functional never-ending workload that I need to learn to tame. Heard that inflation last year was 13.5%. Feels pretty insane.

I realized how the past 6 months just passed by in the blink of an eye. My current commitment will be 6 months as well, as I am uncertain as to whether I will burn out like what happened previously. Tomorrow I will figure out what I will commit my after work hours to for the next few months. Got a ton of books that I’m interested in reading, and my Amazon wishlist is still growing too!

Looking forward to listening to a sermon from a few years ago :)

What a Day

What a day it has been, so much planning and work to do. But these are definitely exciting times to be working here. Highlight for the day was attending BS and getting insights from people from all walks of life.

I will be heading up Radical Coaching’s IT services (mostly internal) which will be pretty exciting. Let’s hope I don’t kill myself again this time :D

Holy Spirit I thank you for how this week is going. I commit tomorrow into your hands. TGIF. Thank God it’s Friday, Today God is first, and Tomorrow God is first too. Amen.

Realized that I haven’t been writing much recently, and I finally decided to switch to US English after much deliberation.

Good night!

The Adjustment Bureau

Inasmuch as there are many ways to skin a cat, there are multiple angles from which we can talk about The Adjustment Bureau. The most obvious would be to draw an analogy between the plans, the bureau and the chairman with fate, angels and a god-like figure. Here are some similarities and differences with the Christian worldview. I am sure you will be able to think of more points.

  • God desires for us to know him. Not even just to know that he exists and that he has great plans for our life, but to know him in a personal and intimate way. On the other hand, the Bureau strives to go unnoticed.
  • Unlike the Bureau that captured David and threatened him, God gives us the free will to choose the steps that we want to take. The wisdom from above is gentle (James 3:17)
  • God doesn’t make mistakes. For a God who knew me before I was conceived to arrange for David and Elise to be together and separate them “because Elise would be a bad influence on David” is unfathomable. He created the human race and gave us free will knowing the risks he was taking, and did not withdraw it when we messed up.

Let us now lower our gaze look at the movie from a more “earthly” angle. If we take away the individualism expressed by the bureau (e.g. focusing solely on David), attempting to direct the thoughts of people is something that governments, marketing agencies, and other similar entities have been attempting since the early days of mankind. Yes it may not be as lofty as drawing two people together or separating them, but it may be drip marketing your email and subconscious to get you to inch you towards buying in to their service. This of course results in bigger cash flows and higher conversion rates as we all know. Perhaps as David fought with fate, we ought to consider if we accept these influences passively.

Down another notch, and the bureau represents the individual. Yes this may be a little far fetched, but think about it. Do you believe you have the power to change the world? Inside each of us is far more potential than the majority of us ever realize. Yes we may not have those fancy plan books and big towers to ourselves, we may not be able to jerk a bus and cause someone to spill his coffee, but inside each of us is a seed to change the world in a non-trivial way. We may not inspire someone to crash a wedding to be chased by security and hide in the men’s toilet, but we can introduce two friends who we think may be suited for each other over coffee. Each word we speak is an exertion of our influence on our listeners, and every interaction an opportunity to further our cause.


The moment I stepped out of the cinema, I felt Rango to be a very confusing movie. I felt there were too many points that the director was trying to make. Perhaps even Rango himself was overly elaborate. I gave it 7/10 on my personal movie record.

However today I had a revelation and the fluff faded away. I realized that what Rango did perhaps has far more significance than what appears on the surface. It’s not about doing gravity defying stunts or other crazy stuff. It’s about walking in your destiny and not caving in to what other people expect from you. It’s about doing what is right and not turning away in the face of fear. It’s really about walking on even when you can’t see the future. About daring to cross the road into the other side.