The Joy of Flying

For the past year, when I travel between Singapore and Vietnam on Jetstar, I fly at night because the flights are slightly cheaper. In addition, I usually book aisle seats because it is more convenient when going to the toilet.

This time I thought I’d give the day flight a try, and it was definitely an experience. As usual, I found my seat today and made myself comfortable while more passengers were still boarding. There was this lady who had two seats to my left and wanted to change seats with me because there were three of them in total. I thought, why not?, and agreed to switch to a window seat on the row in front.

From the time the plane “undocked” from the terminal, I felt a wonder inside me like a child. My eyes were glued to the view outside the porthole and I savoured every moment from taxi to mid-flight.


Visited Jean’s cellgroup on Thursday, and was a little surprised to meet so many people whom I knew, though I haven’t been in the same cellgroup as them before. God please open the doors that you have determined for me and close those that are not meant to be.

I have also come to realise the value of public libraries here in Singapore and the joys of being able to interact with everyone. Oh yeah I feel that the number of native Chinese are noticeable in the waves of people on the streets.

Looking forward to working on some interesting cloud work this week!