Salt and Light

My company started a community project to start working with street children about a month ago. Each of us forked out VND 50,000 to create goodie bags to give out to street children. Unfortunately for some unknown reason, ever since that time, we hardly see street children these days. Might be that the police did something or maybe because it’s the rainy season.

Yesterday on my way to a birthday party, I saw a girl who looked Khmer, but I hadn’t trained myself to react to it immediately and because I was catching a lift with someone else, I did not ask her to stop. That would probably be my biggest regret of the week. It was the first time in a few weeks that I had the opportunity, had the goodie bag with me, but did not give it out. So now I’ve developed the instinct that once I see this opportunity, I will act immediately on it.

Tonight we had Soar Above the Storms, a leadership conference with guest speakers from Chick-fil-A, and I really thank God that I can say that I am truly gratified, because the great speakers came, did a great work, and I had the honor of playing a part in making the whole thing happen.

Wanna be salt and light one step at a time.

Soaking in the Culture

I’m a big fan of public transport. From Singapore to Canberra to Shanghai to Ho Chi Minh City, I’ve always relied on public transport as my main mode of transport. Though there are different issues in different cities and the infrastructure is set up differently, I believe that as population density increases in a city, it will become prohibitively expensive to drive a car just by market forces. And public transport is the solution to the bulk of these problems (cost, pollution, etc).

Today on the bus I saw something that broke my heart. The bus was crowded, and I saw a girl suddenly feeling around her pockets realising that her handphone wasn’t with her. She then stood up and looked around her seat and looked really flustered. She borrowed someone’s phone and tried to dial her phone but I think there was no response. After that she looked like she was sniffling and I just wished there was something that I could do to comfort her. All I could do was to pray that God would cushion any impact from her family or otherwise.

Watched Grown Ups today. Absolute waste of time and money. Don’t watch it if you haven’t already done so.

Had dinner at Wrap & Roll today, and I was reading You the Leader (Pringle) while waiting for the food to arrive. I was amazed at the service today as it was better than usual. I ordered my food, and for the first time, someone actually helped me break apart the (disposable) chopsticks, and one guy even pushed the meat off the skewers for me! After I paid, I went to the toilet, and when I returned, the guy who pushed the meat off the skewers for me approached me and talked about the book that I placed on the table. He said he was interested in leadership and HR, and I noticed on his name tag that he was the manager of that store!

Sad to say, I was unprepared and only gave him my namecard and asked him to send me an email. What touched me was how just having that book opened up a door, without me having to approach him, he approached me. On hindsight, I would:

  • Get his contact information as well
  • Given him some encouragement on being a leader
  • Prepare a better introduction to my workplace in Vietnamese

Maybe I’ll have my dinner there again tomorrow night and look for him!

On another note, Vietnamese classes are helping me greatly and I am considering engaging a tutor to increase my study pace.

Well, it’s bedtime again, and I’m definitely looking forward to a brand new week ahead. Holy Spirit come and lead me.